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A new modern approach to drug and alcohol testing

QuAI health (pronounced “key”) is a privately owned independent UK business. Founded to deliver modern cost effective solutions for drug and alcohol testing. We are a passionate, highly experienced and knowledgeable team of industry professionals. We partner with our customers to provide a Quality service delivering Actionable Insights to help them sustain a safe and healthy working environment.

Drug and Alcohol testing has been sold the same way for 40 years with the challenges and drawbacks of an outdated traditional approach. QuAI health aims to shake things up and address some of these challenges whilst being able to offer savings of up to 50% on a typical service cost. Our solution will use technology that can provide you with real-time updates, access to your programmes management information and an analytics dashboard giving you control and confidence in your drug testing performance.

Having issues with drug and alcohol misuse and not sure how best to manage it?

Looking for cost savings ?

Looking for a high quality and speedy response ?

Looking for an easy way to manage your testing programme and monitor compliance ?

In the dark about how your D&A program is performing and whether it is providing value for money?

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Technology is at the core of our strategy. We harness its power to transform the testing process into a more robust, sustainable, and value-added experience. By integrating technology into every aspect of our services, we elevate the efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness of drug and alcohol testing. Our in-house laboratory has been built from the ground up utilising state of the art analytical equipment and with a sharp focus on ensuring compliance with the latest scientific guidelines and quality standards.

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